Matthew C. Borushko
I am a writer and scholar living in Massachusetts.Professor of English / Stonehill CollegeBA Michigan / PhD BU
4.1.24I have a piece on John Prine in First of the Month.
3.4.24I have an essay on Levon Helm out in First of the Month.
3.30.23My short story "Out of his Mind"  was published in The Twin Bill.
3.10.23A short story will appear in the Opening Day issue of The Twin Bill.
1.30.23 "On Adult Sadness," a work of creative nonfiction that engages with the tennis writing of David Foster Wallace, was published in the Winter 2023 issue of the Under Review.

"On John Prine: Meditations for April 7th" | First of the Month | April 2024
"Levon's Blues" | First of the Month | March 2024
"Out of his Mind" | The Twin Bill | March 2023
"On Adult Sadness" | the Under Review 7 | Winter 2023
"Politics, Petitions, and Violence in Shelley's Posthumous Fragments of Margaret Nicholson" | The Keats-Shelley Review | 2020
"Dylan and Shelley" | World of Bob Dylan Conference | 2019
"Perils of the Sublime: Ideology in Shelley's 'Alastor'" | European Romantic Review | 2017
The Politics of Shelley: History, Theory, Form | 2015
"History, Historicism, and Agency at Byron's Ismail" | ELH | 2014
"The Politics of Subreption: Resisting the Sublime in Shelley's 'Mont Blanc'" | Studies in Romanticism | 2013
"Violence and Nonviolence in Shelley's Mask of Anarchy" | Keats-Shelley Journal | 2010

Keats-Shelley Association of America Essay Prize | 2013
Carl H. Pforzheimer, Jr. Research Grant | K-SAA | 2013
Marjorie Rapaport Award in Poetry | Hopwood Awards Program | 2001

The Patrons | Boston | 2002-2008
All That is Tied (2006) | writing, guitar
Smoke After Smoke (2008) | writing, guitar